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CrawfordTech is recognized around the world for award-winning products, industry-leading innovation, and unparalleled industry experience and support.


But don’t take our word for it; read for yourself what industry insiders are saying about our exciting products and services. Here you will also find our latest press releases, as well as information about upcoming industry events and webcasts featuring CrawfordTech.


Events the CrawfordTech Team will be attending in your area…


Crawford Technologies will be exhibiting and visiting a range of events in 2017

As providers of high-value solutions for high-volume documents, our team feels it is important to be attend and be a part of the best events around the world. You will find the CrawfordTech team exhibiting, speaking and walking the floor of a number of trade shows, open houses and customer events throughout the year. We feel participation is critical in building the best possible relationships with our customers, as well as, keeping our pulse on the Output Management, Archive, ECM and Document Accessibility markets.

At the right, you will find a listing of current and quickly approaching events. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of events our team is attending throughout the year. We invite you to click on the event title to find out more details on the event or you can click the contact us link underneath the event name to get in touch with our events manager. Our events manager will be able to help you arrange a meeting with a CrawfordTech Solutions Expert, find out more about our attendance and participation, reach out to specific event attendees and more.

We look forward to connecting with you at one of these great events. It is our goal to learning how we can help you, and your business, solve mission-critical business challenges.

Join us at one of the following events:

February 27 - March 4, 2016
San Diego, CA

Xploration 2017
March 28 - 30, 2016
Orlando, FL

April 1 - 4, 2016
Orlando, FL


The latest announcements, news and community works from the Crawford Technologies team


Today’s software and technology industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace…

Innovation and thought-leadership are the cornerstones to a knowledgeable and continually growing company. Below you will find the latest announcements, awards, innovations and charitable work happening around Crawford Technologies.

Our press releases are organized by year, month and day, and are sorted from the newest to the oldest. If you have any questions for our press and media team, please see our contact information at the right. Our media team will be happy to answer any of your questions or help you find the information on our website or from our team members.

2016 Press Releases:

December 14: CrawfordTech Releases New Version 4.4 Upgrade

November 10: Crawford Technologies Experiences Record-Breaking Growth in 2016

October 21: Crawford Technologies Supports Box in the Cloud

October 20: Data Extractor Express™ Unlocks Dark Data for Use in Big Data Analytics

August 18: Ilya Romashov Recipient of 2016 EDSF Scholarship Honoring Chuck Forman

June 23: Crawford Technologies Receives +63 NPS® Score

May 3: Crawford Technologies Listed Top Canadian Technology Company by Branham300

April 4: ‘Voiceye Maker for Operations Express’ awarded 2016 Technology of the Year by Xplor International

March 30: Crawford Technologies to Showcase Five New Industry-Changing Solutions at 'Xploration 16'

March 30: Innovative cloud-based quality assurance solution for customer communications

March 23: New Solution Revolutionizes High Volume Accessible Documents Creation for the Visually Impaired

March 17: Crawford Technologies Affirms Commitment to Security Through SOC 2 Audit Type II Examination

March 17: Crawford Technologies' New Voiceye Solution Featured on Discovery Channel's NewsWatch Program

February 24: New Technology from Crawford Technologies Allows Visually-Impaired To Read Printed Pages

January 27: Crawford Technologies Releases New Technology To Prevent Hackers from Infiltrating Customer Documents

2015 Press Releases:

November 18: Crawford Technologies Celebrates 20 Years of Developing Innovative Software

September 28: CrawfordTech Leading 3 Educational Sessions at MAILCOM 2015

September 17: Crawford Technologies ranked one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by PROFIT 500

September 14: Malulani Bria Recipient of 2015 EDSF Scholarship Honoring Chuck Forman

September 11: Crawford Technologies Introduces New Technology Allowing Visually Impaired Customers to Read Printed Pages

September 8: Crawford Technologies Launches New InkJet Migration Solution

September 1: Introducing Next-Generation Archiving Solution PRO Archiver for Alfresco®

August 26: Crawford Technologies Kicking Off 20th Anniversary Celebrations at 'GRAPH EXPO 2015'

August 19: Crawford Technologies Hosting Document Accessibility at GRAPH EXPO 2015

May 7: Crawford Technologies Listed Top Canadian Technology Company by Branham300

May 5: Crawford Technologies Awarded BMA’s ‘2015 Gold Key Award’ for Innovative Website Redesign

April 28: Crawford Technologies: World Leader in Employing Master EDPs

April 23: New Solution from Crawford Technologies Transforms ECM Capture Process for Digitally-Created Documents

April 9: Crawford Technologies to be Honored for Second Consecutive Year by Xplor International

April 7: Crawford Technologies to Play Pivotal Role at 'Xploration® 15'

March 3: Crawford Technologies Releases New 'Accessible PDF/UA' White Paper

February 3: Crawford Technologies PRO Transform Plus Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle WebCenter Content 11g

January 20: Crawford Technologies Experiences Record-Breaking Growth in 2014

January 8: Crawford Technologies First to Support Braille Literacy Canada's 'Edie Mourre' Scholarship

Previous years press releases can be accessed here:

2014 Press Releases

October 30: Crawford Technologies featured on, "World's Greatest!..." TV Show

October 21: Crawford Technologies Releases SunRise, Industry's First CMOD Web App Server at Insight 2014

September 18: Crawford Technologies Releasing New Dashboard Technology for Production Management at GRAPH EXPO 14

September 9: Crawford Technologies Releases Industry's First Whitepaper to Address Output Management Solutions for Enterprise Content Management Systems

August 26: Crawford Technologies Joins EMC Information Intelligence Group Consulting Preferred Partner Program

August 5: Crawford Technologies Offers New Employee Benefit; Opportunity to Volunteer with Full Pay

July 31: Eden Lew Recipient of 2014 EDSF Scholarship Honoring Chuck Forman

July 24: AIIM Research Shows 56% of Organizations not Utilizing Digital Archiving Technology

June 11: Crawford Technologies Showcasing New document Delivery Solutions at AIIM Forum UK 2014

May 7: Crawford Technologies Showcases 'PRO Archiver for InfoArchive' at EMC World

May 6: Crawford Technologies Showcasing New Document Delivery solutions at Document Strategy Forum 2014

April 22: Crawford Technologies Listed Top Canadian Technology Company by Branham300

March 20: Crawford Technologies Releases New IJPDS Transforms

March 19: New CrawfordTech website provides personalized experience for customers from different industries

March 18: CrawfordTech Showcasing Award-Winning Solutions at AIIM Conference 2014

March 11: Crawford Technologies to become world leader in Master EDPs

March 6: Crawford Technologies Releases Redaction Solutions

February 19: Crawford Technologies to Play Major Role at 'Xploration 14'

January 21: Crawford Technologies Releases EMC-Certified Solution for InfoArchive

January 14: Crawford Technologies Achieves Record-Breaking Revenue in 2013

2013 Press Releases

December 10: Crawford Technologies Honoring the Life of Chuck Forman

October 29: CrawfordTech debuts Riptide® support for IBM’s Content Navigator

September 30: Crawford Technologies debuting award-winning software at POST-EXPO in Vienna

September 12: Crawford Technologies announces partnership with Bell and Howell

September 9: New Customers Jumping Ship to Crawford Technologies in Record Numbers

September 3: CrawfordTech Partners with Canon to Demonstrate Complete End-to-End Workflow Capabilities

August 22: Crawford Technologies to Showcase Critical Enterprise Output Management (EOM) Solutions at PRINT 13

August 14: John Olson Recipient of EDSF Scholarship Honoring Chuck Forman

June 26: CrawfordTech honors Chuck Forman with EDSF scholarship

June 25: Crawford Technologies announces new partnership with Striata

June 4: For fourth consecutive year, Crawford Technologies ranked one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by PROFIT Magazine

April 24: Crawford Technologies Leading 3 Sessions at ‘North Print & Pack 2013’

April 23: CrawfordTech Honored Among Top Canadian Technology Companies

April 18: Xplor Award for CrawfordTech’s PRO Channel Manager

April 10: CrawfordTech Releases Powerful GUI for Document Re-engineering

April 2: CrawfordTech Releases World’s First Automated PDF/UA Creation Software

March 19: CrawfordTech Showcasing Award-Winning Products at AIIM Conference 2013

March 18: Enhanced International Partnership Program makes CrawfordTech’s Award-Winning Products Available to Customers Around the World

February 21: CrawfordTech Leading 3 Educational Sessions at MAILCOM 2013

January 31: Crawford Technologies to Headline Four Innovative Educational Sessions at Upcoming 2013 Xplor User Conference and Vendor Forum

January 8: Crawford Technologies has record-breaking year of achievements

2012 Press Releases

November 14: Crawford Technologies Ranked as a Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2012 Technology Fast 500™

November 13: Crawford Technologies recognized as one of Canada's fastest-growing companies in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ Program

October 29: New Whitepaper Connects the Convergence of the Automated Document Factory and Multi-Channel Communications

October 4: Volly and Crawford Technologies Forge New Collaboration to Expand Adoption of Digital Mailbox Services

September 25: Crawford Technologies Introduces Six New Products that are Changing the Face of the Transactional Output Industry

August 27: Crawford Technologies Releases New White Paper Exploring the Emerging Global Digital Mailbox Revolution

August 7: Crawford Technologies’ Award-Winning Solutions Strongly Impacting the Environment

June 4: Crawford Technologies Ranked by PROFIT Magazine as One of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies for Third Consecutive Year

May 18: Crawford Technologies Announces Partnership With Perficient, Inc.

May 8: Crawford Technologies Partners with Help Print Solutions

April 26: CrawfordTech Challenges Competition with New White Paper

April 24: Crawford Technologies listed in Branham300

March 26: Crawford Technologies Acquires ‘ASE Technologies’

March 20: Crawford Technologies Shapes the Future of Enterprise Content Management at AIIM Conference 2012

March 13: Crawford Technologies Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Technology PRO Channel Manager

March 6: Crawford Technologies Releases PRO Archiver 3.0

January 10: Crawford Technologies Version 4.0 Upgrade Offers Exciting New Features

January 3: Crawford Technologies Announces Release of Newest Product – PRO Viewer

2008 Press Releases

December 2008: Crawford Technologies Receives"Positive" Vendor Rating in Leading Analyst Firm's ADF 2.0 Marketscope Report

October 2008: Crawford Technologies Announces Release of PRO Version 3.5 Products

October 2008: Crawford Technologies Launches Enterprise IMB™ Mail Tracker

October 2008: Crawford Technologies to Exhibit at GraphExpo

October 2008: Crawford Technologies Launches Enterprise IMB™ Unique ID Generator

October 2008: Crawford Technologies Launches Enterprise IMB™Barcoder

August 2008: Crawford Technologies to Exhibit at TransPromo Summit

July 2008: Crawford Technologies Announces Electronic Envelope

July 2008: Crawford Technologies Announces VAR Agreement with Rasterpunkt GmbH

July 2008: Crawford Technologies Announces .NET Support for PRO Dynamic Document API

May 2008: Crawford Technologies Announces Enterprise IMB™

May 2008: Crawford Technologies Opens European Office

May 2008: Crawford Technologies Announces the Release of PRO Version 3.4 Products

April 2008: Crawford Technologies Releases PRO WorkFlow Family of Products

April 2008: Crawford Technologies Adds PRO WorkFlow Connector to their WorkFlow Family

February 2008: Crawford Technologies Focuses on Three Document Re-engineering Issues: IMB, Electronic Inserts and Improving ADF Efficiencies

February 2008: Crawford Technologies Awarded Innovator of the Year for Document Re-engineering

February 2008: Crawford Technologies Announces the Release of PRO Version 3.3 Products

January 2008: Crawford Technologies Speaking at International_PDFA_Conference

2002 Press Releases

October 2002: PRO Text Output Capability

October 2002: ASE Selling Partnership Announcement

September 2002: PRO AFP to PS

March 2002: PRO Meta to PS

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The latest trends and innovations from inside of Crawford Technologies

The Crawford Courier newsletter represents the culmination of articles and blog posts written by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) right here within Crawford Technologies. Every issue starts with an opening article from our president, Ernie Crawford. Ernie’s Corner, as it is known, seeks to give you a snapshot of current happenings within CrawfordTech, as well as, talk about recent accomplishments and milestones. Even as we continue to grow, we pride ourselves on our ability to feel like a family run business where strong relationships are the key to
continued success.

We invite you to read the current and past issues of the Crawford Courier below—and be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you get the latest articles as soon as they are published. You can sign up by submitting your email in the newsletter sign up box at the bottom of any of our webpages.

Looking for additional resources? Be sure to visit our blog for the latest thoughts from the CrawfordTech team.

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Webinar events that help our customers drive best practices in customer communications.


Events you can attend from the comfort of your own office

Crawford Technologies webinars are intended to bring educational and relevant content to our current and future customers. Each webinar is carefully crafted to address questions our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) know are important to the industry. Our topics focus on business problems our solutions can solve in the Output Management, Archive, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Accessibility industries. Whether you are interested in any print file to any print file conversion, Automated Output Management and ADF, archive strategies, ECM output or accessible documents our team has the information you need.

At the right, you will find a listing of current webinar events. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of webinar events happening throughout the year. We invite you to click on the webinar title to find out more details, key takeaways and to register.

Register for our upcoming webinars:

What you Need to Know About Document Accessibility
March 8, 2017
Register here

Please watch our on demand webinars below:

Section 508 Refresh – What you need to know to be in compliance for Electronic Accessible Documents
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Save Money and Get More From the USPS
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Accessibility On Demand in Archiving
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Modern CCM Archive
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Accessible Documents - At Composition or Post Composition
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Best Practice in Archive Migration
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Everything You Need to Know About Automated Inkjet Production
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Accessibility and Usability
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Automating Quality Assurance
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Testing Accessible Documents
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Automating Inkjet Workflows
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Making Static Documents Accessible for Your Office
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Back to Basics: Transactional to Accessible Documents
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Implementing Accessible Documents in your Organization
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Implementing Accessible Documents Part II
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Harnessing the Power of Your IBM CMOD Investment for Customer Communications
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Is Your CCM Workflow SIMPLE-fied Webinar Series Part I: Streamline
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Are You Sure Your Documents Are Secure and Compliant?
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Is Your CCM Workflow SIMPLE-fied Webinar Series Part II: Innovate
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Is Your CCM Workflow SIMPLE-fied Webinar Series Part III: Measure
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Is Your CCM Workflow SIMPLE-fied Webinar Series Part IV: Profit
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Is Your CCM Workflow SIMPLE-fied Webinar Series Part V: Leverage
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InfoArchive Consortium presents: Next Generation Data Preservation
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Making Paper Accessible
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OnDemand Document Building - A Demo of CrawfordTech's Riptide Solution
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Multiple Accessible Configurations - Alternate Formats
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Making Paper Accessible - Voiceye
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Vendor Tutorial: A Look at What's New
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MasterONE: Universal Accessibility Transform
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QA in the Cloud: Tackling the Numerous Challenges of Quality Assurance
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Automating Accessibility in Health Documents
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Document Accessibility 101
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