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EMC Partnership

CrawfordTech's partnership with EMC goes back to 2005 when EMC acquired print stream archiving specialist Acartus Inc. Since then CrawfordTech has supplied the print stream transform and indexing technology leveraged by EMC's Documentum Archive Services for Reports product. This successful relationship was transformed in 2010 when CrawfordTech acquired the ASR source code (renaming the product PRO Archiver) and we now provide support to over 30 customers.

PRO Archiver fills a unique need being the only print stream archiving solution for the Documentum platform.

CrawfordTech has continued to invest in EMC's archiving strategy and now integrates PRO Archiver with EMC's InfoArchive. InfoArchive's primary use case is focused on the need for high volume structured data archiving and it has been successfully adapted for print stream archiving. CrawfordTech is currently working with EMC to develop print stream archiving solutions for InfoArchive.

Our relationship with EMC is deep and commited. PRO Archiver for Documentum and PRO Archiver for InfoArchive have both recently completed EMC Certification. CrawfordTech are an EMC Business Partner and we continue to work closely with EMC's Information Intelligence Division to deliver print-stream archiving solutions across archiving and ECM platforms.


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