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PRO Archiver for Microsoft SharePoint

Crawford Technologies has been working for over fifteen years to solve complex customer communications problems. Now, in partnership with Microsoft, CrawfordTech has integrated their marketing leading PRO Archiver product with the Microsoft SharePoint platform to provide a next generation solution to the problems of archiving customer communications.

  • Universal Print Stream Archiving

    PRO Archiver offers universal print stream archiving across industry, business applications, print formats and document types. It can be used to archive almost any kind of business document including statements, policy documents, trade confirmations, patient records and reports, whether these documents come from packaged applications or custom business systems. CrawfordTech supports the widest range of source document formats including AFP, Metacode and PostScript and can archive in the native formats or as industry standard PDF/A.

  • Print Stream Transformation and Indexing

    CrawfordTech is a widely acknowledged global leader in print stream transformation and as you would expect this technology is tightly integrated with PRO Archiver. Print streams contain valuable data like customer numbers, policy number and accounts numbers that are useful when searching & retrieving documents. CrawfordTech uses a range of techniques to ensure that index metadata is captured accurately and employs bursting strategies that help segment documents into digestible chunks for archiving. PDF has become a universal standard for digital documents and PRO Archiver supports ISO standard 19005 PDF/A as well native formats for archiving - whichever the choice PRO Archiver ensures that documents are can be stored optimal but retrieved with the full fidelity of the original.

  • PRO Archiver High Volume Processing Server

    The PRO Archiver processing server orchestrates the step by step process to capture, transform, index, and load content into Documentum. PRO Archiver's distributed architecture allows workloads to be spread across multiple processing nodes which provides a scalable and flexible processing environment to handle large volumes. The PRO Archiver scheduler reduces administration and allows the optimal use of resources by scheduling archiving jobs overnight. Finally PRO Archiver's configuration tools help you increase the speed at which you can design, test and deploy archiving processes using an intuitive graphical development environment.

  • Archive Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

    PRO Archiver is closely integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and supports many of its advanced features such as Libraries and Remote Blob Services, all of which ensure that archived print streams can be leveraged like any other content in the repository. PRO Archiver helps ensure that print streams are stored efficiently using a storage model that also allows individual documents to be retrieved quickly. PRO Archiver is the only print stream archiving solution that is closely integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Information Access with Microsoft SharePoint

    Microsoft SharePoint is a leading global Enterprise Content Management system and is used by thousands of knowledge workers in their daily tasks. PRO Archiver takes full advantage of SharePoint's knowledge worker features for search, browsing and viewing and applies this to print stream archives. It provides all the granularity of document level access whilst optimising SharePoint's performance for the higher volumes found in print streams. Ultimately Microsoft SharePoint and PRO Archiver can be used to support portals designed to service end-user requests.

  • Development and Administration Tools

    As the numbers of print streams that need to be archived grow, so the complexity of managing the projects that archive these resources increase. PRO Archiver Studio is an integrated environment for developing testing and debugging your archiving processes and includes concepts like projects and tasks that make archiving easy to understand. The concepts are extended into operations where administrators can monitor job executions in the different projects (or queues) and check for completeness (the tasks). PRO Archiver Studio also includes CrawfordTech's market leading transformation design and test tools, which take the pain out of developing complex transformation and indexing processes.

    In any batch processing environment operators will need to monitor jobs and batches and intervene when failures occur. PRO Archiver Console provides an easy way to monitor processing including the ability to restart and rollback jobs. PRO Archiver's open standard production database schema allows any application to access real-time information about production jobs.


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