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PRO Channel Manager

Increase the adoption of e-delivery and multi-channel communications

In today’s fast paced market, e-delivery is now the starting point of a  Multi-Channel Customer communications (MC3) strategy. The tool to get your enterprise to the next level in the adoption of MC3 is now available through PRO Channel Manager. The keys are its Open Architecture APIs and advanced Customer Preference Management (CPM), which Crawford Technologies was the first to deliver. 

PRO Channel Manager is the core control component in a MC3 solution that directs documents into the customers’ possession via the channels they want with the right formats for those channels, including electronic and physical accessibility formats such as PDF/UA and Braille. When the customers’ needs are satisfied by getting their documents in the channel and format they prefer, there is increased willingness to accept the suppression of hardcopy print, which drives hard dollar savings.

Your Customers’ Have Preferences – React and Manage Them

Your success with Multi-Channel Customer Communications (MC3) depends on being reactive to customers’ requirements for transforming documents into new formats and inducting them into multiple parallel delivery channels. In order for your systems to respond to customer preferences, there needs to be a centralized facility to manage customer preferences. To manage the flow of documents, there needs to be a control point in the workflow for transforming and redirecting documents into the multiple channels.

PRO Channel Manager, the award winning new tool introduced by Crawford Technologies, helps you meet these challenges and gives you the control you need. It incorporates the industry-leading Customer Preference Manager and is built upon decades of CrawfordTech workflow control experience. 

CrawfordTech is the industry leader in document transformation, so it is no surprise that we are also the leader in Multi-Channel Customer Communications (MC3). Some of the channels PRO Channel Manager currently supports include conventional Print/Mail, Mobile, Digital Mailbox Services (DMS), Accessibility (PDF/UA, Braille, etc.), and others such as email, corporate Biller Direct sites, bank hosted Bill Pay sites, 3rd party Consolidator / e-Presentment sites, etc.

Cost effective implementation and low TCO

Change is constant. Your customers are changing the way they want their documents delivered and you are changing your systems to accommodate that change. Yesterday’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) options are now being replaced by today’s technology to support Digital Mailbox Services (DMS), which will in turn quickly give way to the next ‘big thing’. Technology platforms have exploded with personal computers, multiple tablet and smartphone platforms needing support. Staying ahead of customer demanded changes is your challenge; and, with change, comes potentially spiraling development, integration and maintenance costs.

CrawfordTech buffers your organization from that change in two ways. First, your technical resources integrate once to the CrawfordTech API. Going forward, platform and technology changes are buffered on our side of the API. Implementation and maintenance costs over time are constrained by the API. Second, customer preferences are maintained in our Customer Preference Management database, where they are accessed by PRO Channel Manager on a streaming basis as the communications dynamically need to be replicated, transformed and/or redirected. The total lifecycle cost of responding to evolving customer requirements is less with CrawfordTech.

Please refer to our Product Spotlight for further detailed information: PRO Channel Manager Brochure 

PRO Channel Manager is the control point for Customer Preference Management (CPM) and workflow execution of transform and channel delivery in the CrawfordTech Multi-Channel Customer Communications (MC3) solution. Since the cost savings can’t start until it is integrated in your environment and there is more you need to know, please fill in the form below.

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