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PRO InkJet Express

PRO Inkjet Express gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily implement an automated workflow for your inkjet presses. With this flexible and scalable solution, you can migrate existing processes without re-creating existing print streams or reengineering ongoing production workflows. You can take full advantage of the capabilities of your full color inkjet presses, offering your customers additional benefits while reducing your costs.

PRO Inkjet Express Benefits

  • Change output formats of existing jobs without recomposing print streams.
  • Combine small jobs into large runs, leveraging the speed of your presses, and ensuring the most efficient and profitable workflow.
  • Segment large jobs to optimize post-processing, finishing and mailing.
  • Add IMb barcodes and take advantage of householding for significant postage savings.
  • Easily adjust names and positions of addresses to fit standard envelopes.
  • Replace pre-printed shells with in-line color, and add color to existing files to save money and provide more compelling customer communications.
  • Take advantage of an easy to use graphical user interface to create or migrate your desired workflows, without IT involvement.

PRO Inkjet Express easily fits into virtually any system architecture, and supports a wide range of print streams, including AFP (Line data, mixed mode, and fully composed), Xerox (LCDS and Metacode), PCL, PostScript™, and Line data. It runs on virtually all standard platforms, including Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, z/OS, and Linux for System z.


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