QA in the Cloud

Secure and Scalable Infrastructure for Automated Testing

Organizations are increasingly challenged in achieving automated document quality assurance testing – and for good reason. The QA of transactional documents is particularly complex, with demanding resource requirements and multiple interdependencies. And the consequences of sub-standard testing can be significant.

At Crawford Technologies, we understand the importance of effective testing, and know how to create the best infrastructure and leverage the optimal tools to ensure reliable results. With 20 years of experience in testing our own document management software on multiple platforms, we have the unparalleled expertise that can only be gained from hands-on experience.

CrawfordTech QA in the Cloud

Our Cloud-hosted QA service is built on the sophisticated system that we use for our own regression testing. We take on the setup and maintenance of your test environments and the provision of a QA testing framework that is already optimized for document creation technologies.

You will be able to load your own test cases and software, including software from other vendors, onto the system. Benchmark files will then be created and verified. When you have a new release of software, you can simply load it up and schedule test runs. Since it has been designed for QA staff working remotely, the service can be easily accessed from any physical location. A browser-based dashboard for monitoring and viewing the results is available 24/7 as well as emailed reports from CrawfordTech QA.

Scalable and Secure

QA in the Cloud includes a fully automated testing framework, a database managed testing facility and a web browser-based dashboard for managing the testing process – all residing in a high security data center with PCI-DSS, HIPAA and SOC2 certifications.

Turnkey Implementation

Getting started with QA in the Cloud couldn’t be simpler. CrawfordTech experts, in consultation with you, set up your QA environment and as many applications as you require, along with your first set of test cases. After training, your QA staff will be able to easily load additional test cases and software onto the system. When you have a change to test, you simply upload it, and the automated test runs will take over.

With QA in the Cloud, you have all the tools needed to fully automate document-related Quality Assurance testing processes.


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