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Automated Document Factory

With postal rates on the rise, information privacy regulations becoming increasingly strict and increasing pressure to reduce operational costs, the business of printing and mailing as well as creating and distributing electronic documents is becoming critical to the success of today’s organizations. For many, an Automated Document Factory (ADF) is the exact solution to the pressures of cost containment and regulatory compliance. It is the de-facto standard way to improve your mission-critical transactional document production.

How do CrawfordTech’s Automated Document Factory solutions help you? 

  • Reduce costs and ensure compliance through automated operational efficiency techniques
  • Utilize your existing technology and infrastructure – this significantly reduces your up-front costs associated with equipment acquisition, equipment upgrades, software costs and professional services
  • Record, track and report on every aspect of your document production. This approach enables automated reprinting, statistical data for ongoing efficiency analysis and improvement while providing the proof of process required for regulatory and organizational compliance.
  • Connect the islands of automation that exist in your document production systems using open, industry standards such as ODBC, XML and open and configurable interfacing methods.
  • Implement and deploy quickly and easily using internal resources and skills, with minimal reliance on external vendors and their professional services teams. This approach delivers industry-leading ROIs for your ADF project!

Multi-channel customer communication is a key capability of today’s ADF. Automated Document Factory solutions from Crawford Technologies provide an affordable and complete approach to improve mission-critical document production for all of your physical and electronic document production needs. An Automated Document Factory makes sense in the today’s information-rich business environment. Companies can no longer afford to build strategies in isolation from their documents and the systems that create, produce and deliver them. An Automated Document Factory can transform document production from an expensive organizational expense to a vital, accurate and efficient customer communication system.

CrawfordTech understands that efficient and effective document production is no longer a back office challenge; it is organizational mandate. The importance of transactional document production means that companies must be aggressive in their cost control, focused on minimizing errors, and diligent in regulatory compliance. Our innovative products provide the structure and capability needed to gain the benefits of an Automated Document Factory without the expense and complexity of other solutions.

For years, automation has helped the manufacturing industry improve production quality, eliminate defects, and manage production workflows with increased profitability; CrawfordTech Automated Document Factory solutions help high volume transactional document production operations achieve their efficiency, integrity, and quality goals.

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