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Microsoft is a world leader in Enterprise Content Management and SharePoint is its widely used product for enterprise collaboration. Since 2012 CrawfordTech have offered PRO Archiver for Microsoft SharePoint, which provides all the benefits of print stream archiving for the SharePoint platform. The solution is particularly useful for small and medium size deployments of internal report archiving with up to 30 million documents.

Microsoft SharePoint has grown rapidly in the last 8 years to become the 4th placed ECM vendor by revenue globally. Their influence, however, is to be found in many large companies that, have access to Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint is largely adopted for collaboration, portal and document management use cases, however, as the platform matures it is becoming a target for print stream archiving.

PRO Archiver for Microsoft SharePoint is the only known print-stream archiving product for the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

CrawfordTech continued to invest in Microsofts's SharePoint as a target ECM solution for print stream archiving and our customers are already seeing the benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint for this purpose. The PRO Archiver for Microsoft SharePoint primary use case is focussed on the need for medium volume print stream archiving and CrawfordTech is working Microsoft to develop integrations that are more scaleable.

PRO Archiver for Microsoft SharePoint is will be certified in 2014. CrawfordTech are a Microsoft Business Partner and we continue to work closely with the SharePoint team to deliver print-stream archiving solutions for the Microsoft platform.

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