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Technology Solutions

CrawfordTech technology and platform solutions solve a wide variety of business problems and are built into all of our offerings. They include:

  • Print-stream archiving takes the output of enterprise systems, converts the native print format into PDF, extracts meta-data and stores in a target repository. Print formats include AFP, Metacode, PCL, PostScript and line data.

  • Enterprise Report Management (ERM)

    ERM follows the workflow of print-stream archiving but for line data or text based reports. Legacy systems often generate large quantities of reports as line data, which need to be archived and retrieved.

  • Integrated Document Archival and Retrieval Systems (IDARS)

    This term was coined by Gartner to describe the the combination of the first two solutions with an archive or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. This term is no longer widely used.

  • Computer Output to Laser Disk

    COLD was the original high-volume computer aided archive solution popular from 1980-1992, which used optical disk as the storage medium. COLD jukebokes were often attached to mainframe systems and had the added security of being Write Once Read Many (WORM) devices. Disk-based systems replaced the hardware elements of COLD, however, the software concepts are to be found in modern print-stream archiving, ERM and IDARS solutions.

  • Statement Archiving and Presentment


    The application of a print-stream archiving solution to the need for statement archiving and presentment to customers, typically via a portal.

  • Forms Capture


    As part of an enterprise workflow PDF forms may need to be captured from the web or as part of an enterprise capture workflow.

  • Batch Workflow Automation

    Involves the scheduling and sequencing of tasks that make up an end-to-end workflow.

  • Report Mining

    The extraction of data from print sources and the population of a data warehouse for subsequent analysis.

  • Native Print Stream Encapsulation

    The combining of native print streams, their resources and indexes into an archiving file format.

CrawfordTech archiving products and solutions support all these business business requirements. These are the fundamental building blocks upon which CrawfordTech and our partners deliver solutions.

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