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Digital Mailbox Services

Digital Mailbox Services are becoming widely popular across the world. An alternative to the traditional letter box, a digital mailbox service (DMS) is a protected inbox that allows you to receive your business postal mail via the Internet. The major benefit for consumers is that they can get all their business mail in one secure spam-free location on their device of choosing and they can keep the documents electronically as long as they want.

DMS solutions represent a tremendous opportunity for high volume mailers, service bureaus, and transactional print providers. The cost savings alone will be significant. InfoTrends, the leading worldwide market research firm for the document industry, estimates that digital mailbox providers will deliver between 2 billion and 5.6 billion paperless transactional documents to U.S. consumers in 2015.

As Matt Swain of InfoTrends puts it, “Digital mailbox services will accelerate the transition from paper to online delivery, create new opportunities for customer engagement, and change who controls the hub for customer communications, payments, and promotions.”

The marketplace for these digital mailbox services varies depending on which region of the world you live in.

Within the United States, for example, four main competing organizations are vying for the ‘top spot’ in the DMS arena; Volly, Zumbox, doxo and Manilla. In Europe, the majority of DMS products are provided by that country’s Post Office, such as e-Boks in Denmark, who have around 3.5 million subscribers, which is two thirds of the entire Danish population.

Advocates of Digital Mailbox Services say that there is a growing segment of consumers who want to receive all of their mail electronically with one sign on and one place to go. They want convenience features like integrated payment capabilities, notifications and reminders of due dates. If they have confidence that they can use that system as an archive location for important documents, then they do not need the paper documents.

Eliminating the paper documents saves time filing them, and does have a positive environmental benefit, the ‘green’ affect.

The CrawfordTech Advantage

PRO Channel Manager eases the process of getting documents from information systems and redirecting it to digital mailbox channels.

PRO Channel Manager helps mailers take advantage of the benefits and cost savings by providing a facility to track individual customer preferences for each type of document sent to any digital mailbox service. This supports the ability to send documents to customers in their preferred channel in the format needed, and offers the perfect solution to determine customers who want to go paperless and suppress the printing and mailing of their documents.

PRO Channel Manager is designed to fit into any mailer’s current document creation and production environment so that digital mailbox services can be quickly and inexpensively implemented.

Download our Digital Mailbox Services white paper for more in-depth information, research and statistics on DMS solutions.