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Each day enterprises generate millions of customer communications - it is estimated that 50 billion documents are delivered each year in the U.S. These documents include statements, invoices, policy documents, letters and many more document types that are essential to maintaining relationships with customers. And, these documents are sophisticated, intelligent and will even be personalized. These documents need to comply with relevant laws, they must be optimized for printing, they might be pre-sorted for delivery and the list goes on.

Crawford Technologies has been working for over 15 years to solve complex customer communications problems. CrawfordTech archiving products and solutions provide a next generation solution to the problems of archiving customer communications.


CrawfordTech PRO Archiver offers universal print-stream archiving across industry, business applications, print formats and document types. It classifies, transforms, indexes, and efficiently stores high-volume documents of almost any kind, including statements, letters, correspondence, transactional documents, and reports - whether these documents come from packaged applications or custom business systems.

The solution supports the widest range of source document formats including AFP, Metacode, PCL, PostScript and images; and can archive in native formats or as industry standard PDF/A. Documents can be stored in the a repository so that they can be reused as information assets in other business processes. Special editions are available for insurance, banking, healthcare and utilities.

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