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Multi-Channel Customer Communications

Multi-Channel Customer Communications – customer driven, cost effective

Your goal is to do what your customers want and each day achieving that goal becomes more complex. Technology is giving customers an ever-evolving mix of communication options to choose from including advances in electronic access to the documents you are sending them. Multi-Channel Customer communications (MC3is the new status quo, demanding the integration of a growing array of delivery channels into your High Volume Transactional Output (HVTO) production print/mail operations. Today’s electronics-savvy customers are looking to have their important financial, insurance, utility, government and healthcare information delivered to them at the right time, in the right format, in the preferred channel and then stored for later search and retrieval.

It Starts with Customer Data – and Ends with Delivery

These documents originate from an array of legacy applications and diverse information systems feeding into to your current print and mail workflow processes. Your challenge is to redirect them to customers’ mobile phones, tablets, digital mailbox services, email inboxes, and other channels including accessible or alternate formats. The keys to success include transforming documents cost effectively  to formats compatible with the new channels; suppressing traditional printed communications as they are complemented and then replaced by their electronic alternatives; and nimbly maintaining the interfaces to each of the ever-evolving channels going forward. The Multi-Channel Customer Communications (MC3) solution, developed by Crawford Technologies, with its open architecture APIs and Customer Preference Management tools puts those keys in your hands.

An Measure of the Challenge

Customer selections are rapidly increasing, but they have not yet replaced your need to deliver hardcopy print documents. Paperless customer communications were foretold to take significant hard-dollar costs out of print/mail operations, but analysts have documented that the suppression rate has plateaued at 15%. The ability to offer more channels that better meet customer requirements will propel your organization past that plateau. However, your ROI will suffer if integration and maintenance costs are not effectively managed.

Your Customers’ Have Preferences – React and Manage Them

As the diagram below shows, the documents you are sending out need to be dynamically delivered over channels your customers specify. Customers often want documents delivered multiple ways – electronically for immediate notification and paper for filing for instance. Documents will stream through your Automated Document Factory through multiple streams in parallel - and you need to put the flexibility in place today to handle this complexity. CrawfordTech has solved this problem with its Multi-Channel Customer Communications (MC3) product family: PRO Production Manager and PRO Channel Manager.

CrawfordTech MC3 Product Family

PRO Production Manager is the operational control point and PRO Channel Manager interfaces to the evolving channel mix, assuring customer-responsive and cost-effective document delivery. Follow the links above to learn more about how these products drive process improvement for your organization.

Giving Your Customers’ What They Want

Your customer is going to tell you what the right delivery channels are for them, so it is up to you to be prepared to transform their documents into the right formats with the right controls. And the right time is now. Contact us today using the form below to find out how. 

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