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Ernie Crawford – the making of Crawford Technologies; Part 1

Prior to operating his first business, Ernie Crawford worked in the corporate world. He joined Xerox Canada in the early 1980’s during the early days of the High-Volume Transactional Output (HVTO) industry, where he built software development, technical support and marketing organizations.

Crawford Technologies Support – talking about fast response times and glass trinkets…

The Crawford Technologies support department has a reputation for being able to answer customer issues quickly and effectively. Often receiving unsolicited emails, letters and gifts (yes, even gifts), we took time out with Tim Ciceran, Technical Services Manager, to ask him about his team and discover what makes them special.

Tim has been with CrawfordTech since 2001, starting out as a support technician and working through the ranks. He is now responsible for the entire support team, overseeing the good work they do every day.