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USPS offers postage discounts to mailers that use QR Codes

You’ve probably heard of QR Codes. These square codes are starting to show up everywhere. Now, the US Postal Service realizes how innovative QR Codes are and is helping to promote them – we think that’s quite innovative for a government agency!

The USPS is even incentivizing the use of QR Codes with a new discount scheme. Read on to find out more…

Postal Regulatory Commission approve USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion

Recently we told you that the USPS were to offer postage discounts to mailers that use QR Codes. Well, the Postal Regulatory Commission have now approved the USPS’ Mobile Barcode Promotion, allowing the scheme to go ahead.

During the approval process, the PRC extended the offer to include non-profit mailers, a category missing from the original recommendation.