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CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: July 29, 2011

Crawford Technologies is here to provide for our customers’ software, services and solution needs, but more than that we are also a part of the industries we serve. In that spirit, welcome to our inaugural Weekly Reading List; articles as read from inside the walls of CrawfordTech.

Here is how it works, every Friday we will be posting articles that are ‘must reads’, based on the news we found interesting and informative through the week. Have other links we should feature?

Ernie Crawford – the making of Crawford Technologies; Part 2


We’ve already heard about the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained into Ernie Crawford’s early life, and how various programming roles started him on the route to creating Crawford Technologies. But what career move really made the difference?

Ernie joined Xerox Canada in 1983, where electronic printing was still a fledgling business. He took on a role as the National Technical Manager, building an organization to provide technical support to analysts and customers. Ernie also provided marketing support to the Canadian sales organization, and participated in many of the program teams in the USA.