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CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: February 3, 2012

Now as we are into the second month of the year it is interesting to see the news change from what to expect from 2012 back to the industry issues and needs at hand. This week’s news articles look at the breaking up of Manroland, the view that the USPS is in an unsustainable situation, a discount being added to the USPS business strategy via a QR Code and a look at how to boost your LinkedIn presence in seven easy steps.


In addition, we have a follow on to the USPS perspective with a look at where Digital Postal Mail solutions are going and information on an educational webinar that discuss coming changes in print regulations that you need to know about.

Does your company offer Digital Mailbox solutions to its customers? What about Braille or other accessible document formats?

Why Being Able to See Your Print Files is the Key to Efficiency


The printing industry can be a complex arena to do business in. In fact, we have an industry friend that asks “Is there a manual for this industry?” Like children, the print industry doesn’t come with a manual, but it does come with some great organizations like Xplor International to help guide the way.

What are AODA, ADA and These Other Regulations and Why Do They Affect my Printing?

For those that live in Canada, the topic of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) has been front and center. The new legislation, that became law in 2010 with compliance deadlines for many businesses of January 1, 2012, has brought forward the need for additional processes for working with individuals with disabilities. For those living elsewhere, similar legislation is either already in place or will be arriving soon.

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: February 10, 2012

Has it been a busy week around your office? Recently, it seems like the entire print, mailing and archive industry is buzzing. This could be due to the two major shows coming up in March: 2012 AIIM Conference and 2012 Xplor Global Conference. It could also be a sign of change in the industry. Looking out for that change, this week’s news articles look the USPS’ profit/loss situation, the surprise ranking of the USPS against other postal services across the world, a move to save Manroland GB and insight into a Track sure to shake things up at the 2012 Xplor Global Conference.


In addition, we have an interesting look at legislations that effect printed customer communications. This article talks about current regulations, the information you need to know and how to learn more.

Are your printed customer materials accessible and compliant with current legislations?

The decline of postal volumes in Europe; what will happen next?

Less than a mile from our office in London is one of the largest Royal Mail sorting offices in the UK. But take a walk to a local Post Office in the United Kingdom and you’ll see anything but letters, packets and parcels.


You can buy language training courses, the latest movies on DVD, office supplies (including inkjet printers shredders and other hardware items) and even a few toys for the kids. It appears that, in these times of diversification and the need to make a profit wherever possible, the processing of mail is almost an afterthought.

In Germany, even the Post Office itself may have disappeared, with Deutsche Post kiosks now taking up a small area in the corner of a local bank. Deutsche Post has sold off nearly all of their properties over the last fifteen years, going from 29,000 buildings down to around just 25. In some smaller towns and villages, the postal service may even be run by a resident from their house, rather than having a dedicated Post Office.

Why is this?

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: February 24, 2012

As February starts to wind down a lot of us in the industry are looking toward March for the upcoming events including the AIIM Conference 2012 and the 2012 Xplor Global Conference and Vendor Forum. Crawford Technologies will be at both shows, so be sure to stop by, but until then let’s take a look at what is in the news. This week we have a double shot of news from BtoB Magazine on social media and SEO, a commentary on High-Speed Inkjet and risk and new announcements from the USPS.


In addition we have a look at Digital Mailbox Services.

With the changes coming to the USPS, have you looked into Digital Mailbox Services offerings to support your customers?

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: February 17, 2012


We hope everyone had a heart filled Valentine’s Day. Now, as we wind down the week it is time for the news that has been buzzing around the industry. This week we have a look at a new QR Code Killer, the anticipated unveiling of a new 30% faster high-speed color inkjet printer at drupa, new technologies appearing at Dscoop7 ahead of drupe and news of a large insurance company adopting Digital Postal Mail powered by Zumbox.


As a follow on to the above, we have an article on the EU, mailing and what is next for the region.

Have you looked into Digital Mailbox Services?