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CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: May 25, 2012

Digital Mail and news from the Digital Print Industry round out our ‘must read’ list of news articles for this week. Digital Mailbox Services has continued to be a topic that print and mailers are taking interest in; this is evident by the recent Pitney Bowes (and subsequently Volly) announcement and the recent release from Manilla on the number of bills and statements delivered since their Digital Mailbox Service launch.


On the digital print side of things, we take a look at how to work with White Ink, the attendance numbers from drupe (down from 2008) and what that means to the large trade show and how Adobe is working to enable more interactive workflows.

Did the drupa attendance affect the value of the show?

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: May 18, 2012

For those that attended drupa for most of the first half of May, the month has probably seemed to fly by. Given that drupa is one of the largest print shows in the world, we felt it only appropriate to take a look back this week now that the show has closed. In addition to drupa news, we continue our look at Digital Mailbox Services, emerging digital printing technology, one-to-one messaging and the consequences of the Royal Mail’s hike in postal rates.


Also, be sure to check out our breaking news featuring a new Crawford Technologies partner announcement. We also have a webinar feature that will allow you to view a replay of the Document and Mailing Systems Technology Magazine webinar on Multi-Channel Communications and Digital Mailbox Services.

Which topic will catch your interest?

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: May 11, 2012

In this edition of our ‘must read’ news we have merging of one of the largest print shows in the world with what is quickly becoming one of the world’s hottest topics in Enterprise Output Management. Yes, this week Digital Mailbox Services (DMS) has made its way into drupa news as the show passes its midway mark. With another five days to go it will be interesting to find out what topics were buzzing at the show.


This week check out the news from drupa on the deal between Australia Post and Volly, how digital mail is changing the postal service in Africa, Pitney Bowes and the digital wave, “Women in Print” at drupa 2012 and drupa attendance at the halfway mark.

What is your guess on drupa attendance being up or down?

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CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: May 4, 2012

The big news internationally this week for the printing and transactional document industry is the opening of drupa 2012. As many of you know, this is one of the largest print trade shows in the World so it is only fitting that we bring you the news from the last two days of the show being open.


As we did last week, we are going to put a lot of neat links into this reading list so you can get the scoop. Our normal method of giving you color commentary will return next week! In this week’s edition you will find coverage on the opening of drupa 2012, initial notes on the show from the field, a making of multi-part blog series (starting with the part 3 video) and an announcement from Oce.

Continuing to bring you news from the Digital Mailbox Services landscape, we have news from Zumbox on a new app for Apple lovers, commentary on emerging technologies from Discovery News and how digital mail is changing things for Canada Post.

Have you learned this year’s drupa song?