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On the Road to Document Strategy Forum 2012

Change can be very refreshing; for Document Strategy Forum they have instituted a whole suite of changes for this year’s conference and exhibition. The major change for those used to attending in Chicago every year is the shift in venue to the Hyatt Regency in Old Greenwhich, Connecticut. However, the change doesn’t stop there with additional opportunities to learn and engage with vendors on the floor through the Vendor Showcase in the Application Theater.

Of course, change has its challenges too…

Document Strategy Forum Cancelled; Crawford Technologies Offers New ADF White Paper That Would Have Been Launched at the Show

When we posted our blog last Friday the word was that Document Strategy Forum 2012 in Old Greenwich, CT, was still moving ahead as planned. Early Saturday we learned that Hurricane Sandy was being (and continues to be) relentless. As various States declared a State of Emergency, Document Strategy Forum was left no choice but to cancel the conference and exhibition.

For many the cancellation was sad news…