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EMC Archiving Strategy: From Documentum to InfoArchive (formerly EAS)

Written by: Tim Nelms and Jeff Hoopes – CrawfordTech Archiving Division

Where did we come from and where are we going? What should drive your archiving strategy with EMC IIG?

Documentum is the without a doubt one of the heavy weights of the content management and archiving market. Having been around since the early 1990’s it has earned a reputation as a sophisticated Content Management platform for large enterprises. From a very early stage in its development Documentum adopted features supporting complex content management functions such as life cycles, check-in/check-out, virtual document management, workflows, which were closely integrated with a sophisticated security model. As a result Documentum’s sweet-spot became associated the complex works flows of that document authors needed industries such as the creative marketing, life sciences companies and engineering. What these had in common was a need to closely manage and audit changes to (in general) human authored content.
When did Documentum really take hold and what are the benefits?