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EMC World Wish List

We’re in the week before EMC World 2014 and for an EMC IIG partner like Crawford Technologies that means a frenzy of activity preparing our booth, press releases, product launch materials, meeting with customers, presentations and the like. You can imagine it’s easy to forget why we go to EMC World and what we’re looking forward to seeing. So, I thought I’d put together my wish list for what might happen at EMC World 2014.

IBM Content 2014: Information. Insights. Results

This year Crawford Technologies will be attending several of the IBM Content 2014 series (formerly UserNet). The first event is April 29th in Washington D.C., at the College Park Marriott Inn and Conference Center. In these series of events you’ll have the unique opportunity to meet with industry experts, solution partners and IBM leaders to discover the strategies and technologies to help your need to create deeper, more accurate content-driven insights.

The Value of MAILCOM Denver: Security 2014

MAILCOM is coming to the Mile High City, for The Management Summit for Mail, Distribution, Facilities and Government Professionals. MAILCOM is the world’s largest education organization for mail communications. At this security focused event from May 22nd-23rd, you will learn the latest strategies from the industry’s top experts.

These topics will include: postal regulations compliance, operations cost reduction strategies, government services management and support services management.

Insurance Industry Best Practice for High-Volume Customer Communications: Part 2 Legislative Impact on Document Generation

As an insurer you will be aware that the documents you send to your customers are critical both to conveying accurate information, but maintaining your corporate image. Not only that, but regulators have a great say in the information we provide customers and set standards for how that is conveyed.

Take for example the Insurance Conduct of Business Guidelines from the UK Financial Services Authority. ICOB rules and guidance have a direct impact on the content and presentation of documents generated in support of non-investment insurance related products. As always it is best to refer to the specific guidance for detailed information about each of these areas, but the effect of ICOB on content is wide reaching as shown in the following table this table can only give a flavor of what is present in the full rules and guidance:

AIIM Conference 2014 Continues to Grow and Spur ECM Market Education

Written By: Jonathan McGrew, Marketing Communications Manager

Last week we spent several days immersing ourselves in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) world. AIIM, the leader in ECM education, held their national conference from April 1-3 in Orlando, Florida at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. It was a few days of learning, networking and problem solving that revolved around this year’s theme: Information Chaos or Information Opportunity.

Whether you were at the conference, had to skip this year or are still on the fence about its value, there is no doubt that now is the time we all contemplate the value last week provided us as individuals, teams and larger organizations.

The Review: Xploration 14 and The Change to The Customer Communications Conference

Written By: Jonathan McGrew, Marketing Communications Manager

Last week the Crawford Technologies’ team spent time in Orlando, Florida at Xploration 14. This year was quite a change for Xplor International and their annual conference. For those that attend every year, and have done since the organization hit the reset button some 6 years ago, this year represented a time of change and growth.

The most noticeable change was the location of the conference, but we will get there in a moment. Attendees and sponsors alike will have likely noticed the shift in the position of the conference for 2014. This year it shifted from the Conference and Vendor Forum with a changing theme (previous it was Breakthrough 13) to Xploration 14, The Customer Communications Conference. It signals a needed change in perspective, but also the continued evolution in the document industry and might also preview other association brand and message changes coming in the 2014-2015 season.