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For B2B Companies, Was BMA14 Worth It?

BMA 14, is the largest B2B marketing conference in the world. What we saw there was a diverse group of marketers from nearly 450 firms, 33 states and 12 nations. These marketers come from dozens of industries from manufacturing to tech to business and professional services. The educational sessions that BMA (Business Marketing Association) presents runs the diverse topics of demand management, social and B2B media, branding/storytelling, marketing creativity and sales and marketing. Which begs the questions…

Reflections on EMC World and Momentum 2014

EMC World 2014 was a blur last week and an incredibly busy one for Crawford Technologies. So it is only now that I am starting to sit back and reflect upon the best of the five days and the big themes from last week.

I guess the first thing to say about IIG’s Momentum partner and user conference is that we are starting to see this business unit hit their stride again. There are four areas of the business that deserve particular attention – Syncplicity, InfoArchive, 3rd Platform solutions and industry business solutions. More about these later on this blog.

Accessible PDF’s: What’s the Difference Between WGAG 2.0 Accessible PDFs and PDF/UA Accessible PDFs?

Many people ask us how do we make our PDFs accessible and what is the difference between Accessible PDFs that adhere to WCAG2.0 guidelines or PDF/UA standards. We’ll discuss the differences and similarities when making your documents accessible for the blind, or partially sighted.

Insurance Industry Best Practice for High-Volume Customer Communications: Part 3 Quality and Personalization

In the previous blogs around the Insurance Industry Best Practice for High-Volume Customer Communications series, we discussed an introduction into these best practices and also legislative impact on document generation. In this post, we are discussing quality and personalisation of customer communications. Please enjoy!

Trends in Document Generation for Insurers

Document generation is the class of application that captures the output of policy administration systems and presents it in a format suitable for delivery to devices such as printers. Because document generation has traditionally been built into core business applications it received relatively little recognition as a function in most enterprise software applications until the early 1990’s.