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When You Think Inkjet, Don’t Forget Workflow

The nay-sayers are spreading gloom and doom that print is going down. The fact is print has never been stronger. What we print and how we distribute it is changing. Since print is not disappearing, we all know that InkJet technology for print is the way to go. The Analysts have jumped on the bandwagon, the print vendors all have inkjet technologies and many have models to address the various volume duty cycles based on business needs. Some vendors are even working on cut-sheet inkjet technologies.

A Wish List for Amazing Archive Technology at AIIM Forum UK

An Archiving Specialist’s Wish List

We’re in the week before AIIM Forum UK 2014 and for Crawford Technologies that means a frenzy of activity preparing our booth, press releases, product launch materials, meeting with customers, presentations and the like. In the whirlwind of everyday activity it’s easy to lose sight of why we go to events like AIIM Forum UK and what we’re looking forward to see. As an archiving specialist for CrawfordTech, I have some very particular things that I’m interested in and hope to find out more about at AIIM Forum.

The Print Industry: We Are All the Same, But Different, and Here Is How

 Crawford Technologies, long before I joined, built the idea of being a part of the industries we provide solutions; it is a cornerstone of the organizations foundation. As part of that mission I joined up with Print Media Centr (PMC) to write a regular column for their newsletter. The goal: to connect all of us better in the print industry—regardless of our type of print.

While we haven’t changed the Universe, we seek, Print Media Centr and Crawford Technologies, to help drive the valuable connections and understanding within the larger Print industry (yes, print with a big P).

Insurance Industry Best Practice for High Volume Customer Communications – Part 4 Legislative Requirements for Archiving

In the previous blogs around the Insurance Industry Best Practice for High-Volume Customer Communications series, we discussed an introduction into these best practices, legislative impact on document generation, and quality and personalization of customer communications. In this post, we are discussing the legislative requirements for archiving. Please enjoy!

Legislative Requirements for Archiving

On the one hand document generation processes produce more documents in ever more sophisticated ways, but on the other call centres and customer services teams need timely access to customer communications so that they can deal with customer queries and comply with regulatory requirements to store and access information.

Crawford Technologies, Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

At Crawford Technologies we are regular contributors to the e-newsletter OutputLinks. In the last month we have covered a lot of ground about where CrawfordTech has come from, what we do for our customers and where we are going. If you haven’t subscribed to OutputLinks, we wanted to give you a re-cap of what has been posted; and to invite you to check out one of the few targeted e-newlsetters to the transactional document and customer communications management industry.