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Why Case Management Solutions Must Include Sharing and Output Technology

There are many stages during the lifecycle of a Case that require the ability to share content with external users. I’ve been involved recently with a large insurance organization’s installation of Case Management and output technology to assist with insurance fraud.

The Best Way to Create Transaction Document Accessible PDFs – Part 1

Many document industry colleagues have asked me, “What is the best way to create high volume, Accessible PDFs of my invoice, statement, or documents that will allow our organization to be compliant with accessibility laws and regulations?

Is it better to remediate using a composition tool or is it better to remediate post composition using a transform solution like Crawford Technologies Inc. PRO Transform Plus PDF/UA?

Next Generation Archival Standards

Archival standards lie in two distinct areas. First there are the working practices and processes of archiving, which involve using effective classification schemes, subject taxonomies and meta-data indexes to ensure that what we store can also be found. The second area is archival standards, dealing with the media or more accurately the format that is used to preserve content.

Move on From Legacy Customer Communications Archives

Enterprise IT strategists and business decision makers who are slow to move to next-generation models for customer communications archiving are exposing their organizations to unnecessary risks that can negatively impact spending, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance. They are also delaying a change that is both necessary and inevitable.