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Compliance Vs Accommodation in the Transaction Document Accessibility Space

Making All Your Client Communications Accessibility Compliant

The document accessibility space is heating up. With new regulations, rules, litigation and a call to make documents accessible, how can organizations meet regulations to provide accessible documents and transaction information back to their clients? We’ll discuss making transaction documents for the blind, partially sighted or those with cognitive disabilities. These documents are typically personalized invoices, statements, and personal and confidential correspondence accessible and compliant to accessibility regulations.

Create Transaction Document Accessible PDFs with Remediation Tools – Part 2

Many document industry colleagues have asked me, “What is the best way to create high volume, Accessible PDFs of my invoice, statement, or documents that will allow our organization to be compliant with accessibility laws and regulations?

Is it better to remediate using a composition tool or is it better to remediate post composition using a transform solution like Crawford Technologies Inc. PRO Transform Plus PDF/UA?