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How to Save Money with Your Inkjet Printer

Many document operations have decided to install a digital inkjet printer on their production floor, adding more printing capacity or enhancing their ability to do shorter print runs and still make a profit. Those are certainly worthwhile objectives. But there are other benefits of digital printing that may remain unexploited.

Next Generation Archive Access and Mobility

It is easy to forget that the original access and mobility solution for archives was paper. And there are some very good reasons why this is the case. Paper is sized for the human body and for reading. It is designed to be held and viewed at arms-length with ease and is engineered in a variety of sizes and formats to suit the different needs — books, magazines, letters, documents, and so on. Paper is an ideal medium to be sequenced (as a book) and is indexable (through page numbers). It is these very fundamental characteristics and often un-appreciated characteristics that modern digital document archives struggle to reproduce.

IBM and Cloud-Solutions Vendor Box Enter into Major Partnership

At the end of June 2015, IBM entered into a strategic global partnership with Box, a major vendor of Cloud management and solutions. This relationship will have major implications for ECM deployments in the future as Cloud and hybrid ECM deployments become more common. Box has tens of thousands of customers across all volume segments of the market including the enterprise end of the IBM Enterprise Content Management market. As IBM and Box said in their joint webinar, it was natural for them to work together when their customers asked them to.