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ECM’s in the Public Sector

ECMs are a Business Process workflow tool, not a filing cabinet, and one of the environments where that is being taken to heart is the Public Sector, i.e. government entities on all levels. Documents are being captured, entering repositories as indexed case management components, being shared between departments, and distributed to citizens both as mailed communications and thru self-service kiosks. There are some interesting factors that come into play in this environment.

EMC Archiving Strategy: From Documentum to InfoArchive

Where did we come from and where are we going? What should drive your archiving strategy with EMC?

Documentum is without a doubt one of the heavy weights of the content management and archiving market. Having been around since the early 1990s, it has earned a reputation as a sophisticated Content Management platform for large enterprises. From a very early stage in its development, Documentum adopted features supporting complex content management functions such as life cycles, check-in/check-out, virtual document management, and workflows, which were closely integrated with a sophisticated security model. As a result, Documentum’s sweet-spot became associated with the complex workflows of that document author’s needed industries such as creative marketing, life sciences, and engineering. What these had in common was a need to closely manage and audit changes to (in general) human authored content.

Why Outsource Alternate Document Formats?

Outsourcing business processes has been in the spotlight for many years. Corporations and organizations look to outsource to save cost, increase competiveness, focus on their core competencies, and ensure they provide the best services for a non-core business area. If there were a candidate for outsourcing, document accessibility alternate formats would rank as one of top areas to consider. With regulations being enacted and rules requiring document accessibility to be provided to reduce discrimination, the need to provide these solutions are very justifiable. However, the cost to maintain these services can be costly, especially when compared to the volumes and the number of requests.

Print is Not Dead Yet

Print – “I’m not dead yet”

The digital transformation is upon us; or, if you’ve been around for some time like me, it’s been upon us for quite a long time. The ultimate goal is to meet customers’ communication preferences and transform their behavior by adding and leveraging digital communications. A key component of this evolution is that it will also transform your internal customer-facing business processes into digital processes.

How to Avoid Document Integrity Fiascos (part 1)

Automated document factory (ADF) technology used to be an investment made only by companies producing high-volume, high-value transactional documents. It’s easy to understand why! Producing items such as checks, statements, bills, claim forms, or tax documents requires exceptional levels of accuracy and integrity. Losing a page, or combining documents for different customers into the same envelope or producing and delivering a duplicate document such as a check will have dire consequences for the print/mail operation.