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Automated Document Accessibility Remediation

Batch remediation vs On-Demand

As ePresented document adoption rates continue to grow, portals for customer communications have become the easiest way for individuals to consume their statements, invoices and letters. However, what is often not considered is how to make on-line documents accessible to those that are blind, partially sighted or have a cognitive disability.

Reducing Production Costs for Documents is So Last Decade

There was a time when document center managers were mainly focused on finding ways to produce higher volumes of documents at the lowest possible cost. Today, though managing production and postal costs remain important, the best way to save money with transactional documents isn’t producing them more cheaply. The biggest gains are likely to be found in benefits to corporate functions outside document operations.

MasterONE : A Complete Document Accessibility Solution

Have you ever had to convert a document into an accessible format? Before I started my deep immersion into the accessible document industry, the first thing I would think about when I needed an accessible document was braille. The reality I soon discovered is that there are many formats and braille is an important, but very small part of the accessible document landscape.

Reduce Downtime with an Updated Print Operations Workflow

I was sitting at the airport a few weeks ago (changing flights) and made an interesting observation. While watching the gate for Southwest Airlines, I noticed that the time from the last passenger departing and the first one to board the next flight was about 10 minutes. Having flown many of the legacy airlines, the time between last on and first on can be upwards of 30 minutes. All the airlines also are making sure the planes are full to take advantage of capacity.