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Paper vs. Digital: Two Sides Survey Results

Over 1,000 U.S. and 500 U.K. consumers were asked their opinion on the evolution from paper-based documents to digital media. Results of the “Two Sides” U.S. survey highlighted that 88% of respondents indicate that they understand, retain, or use information better when they read print on paper, compared to lower percentages (64% and less) when reading on electronic devices. The same trend was found for reading complicated documents, with 80% indicating a clear preference for reading print on paper. In fact, reading on screens showing a much lower preference than print, at below 16%, across all age groups.

Manage Document Compliance Risk with Redaction

Are you ready to have your confidential files sent to your prospective inkjet manufacturers for testing?

One of the areas that isn’t discussed in much detail is preparing your test files for your Inkjet evaluation testing. Yes, you signed a confidentiality agreement with each of your prospective vendors, but I guarantee there is someone in your compliance area who is a bit uneasy sending live data off-site. After all, you have spent a lot of time and money assuring your shop is in full compliance when handling personal and confidential information.

Document Accessibility Via Smartphone

Back in March, I was at the CSUN Conference International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, and was part of a discussion about an organization not meeting the American’s with Disabilities requirements for providing documents to blind or partially sighted users. Apparently, this company had already received a number of warning notices. What was clear from this discussion and from my sessions was that the Department of Justice, advocacy groups, users and lawyers are increasingly active in enforcing the requirement to make all documents accessible, ensuring that there is no print discrimination.

An NPS of +63: What Does it Mean?

We recently announced that CrawfordTech has received a Net Promoter(R) Score of +63. This is great news, and is something we’re justifiably proud of, since a score like this substantiates our customers’ satisfaction with our services. Crawford Technologies is completely committed to supporting our customers in using solutions productively and successfully, which is why we are members of the Net Promoter Network.