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Best Practices for Archive Migration

We living in interesting and changing times. The digital transformation that we see taking place today across all sectors has presented businesses with a number of opportunities and challenges in its wake.

This is certainly true for document intensive industries like banking, insurance and healthcare, where the management of customer communications such as invoices, monthly statements and policy documents impacts success and profitability. The move from paper based customer communications to digital output, with access through online portals for example, brings many opportunities for businesses to cut costs and optimize their operations.

Understanding Your Archive: Storage Requirements, Pt. 1

Welcome back to our Technical Series on Advanced Function Presentation (AFP). In recent weeks we have looked at the early days of archive technology and the legacy challenges that businesses face, the evolution of AFP from its origins as an IBM standard, and we have also explored the building blocks of AFP and how its standards interact and operate together. We have released a set of recordings to accompany this series and these can be viewed here.

Would your business pass the ‘Accessibility Test’?

Consider this scenario for a moment: You run a large business. Most of your customers have access all the time, whenever they want. But for one group of customers every time they come to your door they find that it’s locked. The only way that these customers can gain access is to make a special arrangement with you in advance. How do you think they feel? Unfairly disadvantaged? Ready to take their business elsewhere?