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Section 508 Refresh – What you need to know

The US Access Board has finally released the final rules for the Section 508 NPRM or as it is known now as the Section 508 Refresh. This is a follow up on my blog that I penned in March of 2015.

Are you doing business with the US Federal Government, a government agency, or perhaps you have a contract or are planning to work directly with the government or an organization regulated by a government body? If you are not providing accessible communications, it’s vital that you read about the Section 508 Refresh Requirements below and prepare for upcoming Accessibility rules for websites and electronic documents.

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You probably don’t know you already have one

The times – they are a changing. More than the title to a Bob Dylan song – it’s a statement of fact and nowhere is that fact more apparent, in this digital age, than in the way we do business and communicate with our customers. Customer facing applications need to be more flexible so that communications to customers are presented in the format and via the method that the customer prefers.