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Understanding Your Archive: Document Retrieval: Pt. 1

Document Retrieval

The previous article in this Technical Series on Advanced Function Presentation (AFP), Understanding Your Archive: Storage Requirements, Pt. 2, considered the storage options available for long term archiving. This time we look at document retrieval and how this utilizes your archive.

5 Ways Software and Inkjet Can Optimize Your Mailing Costs

With an investment in Inkjet you can see productivity gains and cost reduction in multiple areas; one of the areas that is often overlooked or considered too complex is postal mail. This topic is discussed in more detail in our Feb. 16 webinar – Save Money and Get More from the U.S. Postal Service.

Migrating Legacy Customer Communications Archives

Enterprise IT strategists and business decision makers who are slow to move to next-generation models for customer communications archiving are exposing their organizations to unnecessary risks that can negatively impact spending, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance. They are also delaying a change that is both necessary and inevitable.

A Closer Look at Version 4.4 Features – Color Management

We announced the availability of V4.4, a release loaded with some great new features and capabilities, about a month ago. Over the next couple of months we’re going to take a closer look at specific features to better understand what the benefits are, how they work, and in some cases, what might be coming in the next release.