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What’s Going on at Xploration ‘17

It’s the second day of Xploration ’17 and there’s lots going on. Session tracks are organized into five themes – All Things Data, Distribution, The Customer Experience, Fundamentals, and Business Management.  Panel discussions, presentations and ten minute vendor “Solution Snapshots” are all well attended and have triggered some lively conversations.

Understanding Your Archive: Document Retrieval: Pt. 2

In the recent articles in this Technical Series on Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) we have reviewed what storage and retrieval techniques are available for your Customer Communications Archive. Understanding Your Archive: Storage Requirements, Pt. 2, considered the storage options available for long term archiving and last time in Understanding Your Archive: Document Retrieval, Pt. 1 we began to look at how document retrieval techniques utilize your archive.

Would You Pass The Accessibility Test?

Consider this scenario for a moment: You run a large business. Most of your customers have access all the time, whenever they want. But for one group of customers every time they come to your door they find that it’s locked. The only way that these customers can gain access is to make a special arrangement with you in advance. How do you think they feel? Unfairly disadvantaged? Ready to take their business elsewhere?