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Three Ways to Process More Mail (Without Buying New Equipment)

Want to get more mail processed in less time? You may not have to invest in faster mail inserting equipment. If the existing gear is running satisfactorily, document operations managers can squeeze productivity gains from existing machinery by concentrating on one simple goal: keeping the inserting equipment running more often.

5 Observations at M-Enabling from Someone New to Accessibility

Crawford Technologies recently joined many leading organizations such as Amazon, Disney, AT&T, Microsoft and Uber at the IAAP M-Enabling Summit in Arlington, VA.  As a former analyst, despite attending many conferences throughout my career, accessibility has not been a part of my previous experiences. As I reflect on this conference and accessibility, with my former analyst’s hat perched firmly on my head, here are my five key takeaways from the show.

Crawford Announces Core v4.5

Crawford Technologies is pleased to announce the general availability of its newest update to its core transformation and workflow solutions – Core v4.5. Continuing our biannual cadence in releasing new versions of our core software suite, this latest release, Version 4.5, is available now for all current CrawfordTech core customers.

Taking a Look at PDF Document Tagging

A basic PDF file has no logical structure –  it is just a set of text and graphic elements positioned on a sequence of pages. However, PDF does support a logical structure tree that can be used to describe the underlying content of the document. This structure tree is defined separately from the text and graphic elements in the file and increases the effort required to create the final document. Fully functional document composition or post composition tools are needed to automate the process.