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Big Data and Analytics: How to Utilize Your Customer Documents

Big Data and Analytics has been a much discussed topic in business and IT news for a while now.  This emerging capability of mining and analyzing vast amounts of data to recognize patterns, correlations and trends has never been possible before.  The concurrent streams of advancing hardware scalability, speed and affordability, and advancing software capabilities around natural language processing and artificial intelligence have come together to make this possible.  Relatively cheap storage enables vast amounts of data to be collected and retained from a mind-numbing array of sources, including almost any and all smartphone and computing device programs or apps.  Imagining practical valuable applications for this capability is one of the few limiting factors in the burgeoning deployment of this technology.

Replacing FileNet Rendition Engine

Office document rendering is a critical part of ECM infrastructure for large organizations. It provides a way to normalize formats like Microsoft Office documents into PDF, a format better suited to distribution, publishing and cross platform viewing. Rendition services are often deployed as an automated workflow within ECM systems, rendering new documents into PDF when they are added or updated in the system.