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Next Generation Digital Flow with Alfresco & CrawfordTech

As a 20+ year old technology company, we partner with some of the biggest enterprise print and content management companies in the industry. One of the most recent of these is Alfresco —  a new breed of open source software focused on the enterprise content management market segment.

Content Bundling and Publishing for ECM and Case Based Systems

Enterprise Content Management systems excel at storing, managing, and preserving information. However, bundling and publishing content has always been a weakness of these solutions. The most common examples of this  involve case-based processes, which require users to collect information – for example as part of an insurance claim, customer services request or perhaps criminal proceedings – and provide a case file of related documents for consumption by other internal teams or third parties.

Document Accessibility and #a11yTO

I freely admit that when I first heard the term #a11y I was a little confused. Then a friend told me that #i18n represents Internationalization because there are 18 letters between the I and the N and it clicked. (if you are anything like me you are now counting to see if there really are 11 letters between the A and the Y in Accessibility.)
A11y is the force behind a community-driven effort to raise awareness about accessibility.