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Document Security Considerations – Redaction

Pick up a newspaper or watch the evening news and at some point you have seen a redacted document.  You know what this is — that nice document with all the black boxes covering up the data. At first glance, this seems to accomplish the objective of concealing and protecting personal and confidential information.

Accessible PDF Versus HTML5: What Does Each Format Have To Offer?

What are the differences between Accessible PDF and Accessible HTML5? Is one of them better than the other? These are questions participants often ask us during presentations on document accessibility. Discussing the differences – and the similarities – between these two electronic formats is relatively straightforward. However, the question of whether one is better than the other depends on a number of factors. This is especially true in the field of document accessibility.

ECM – We need another acronym

At least I think we need one to describe/represent a subset of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space.  Gartner says that ECM is dead and it is being replaced by Content Services.  OK – but that really doesn’t help at all.  The subset of the ECM space I’m talking about is what used to be called COLD.

The exception or the rule – how accessible is your business?

Consider this. You run a large business, and most of your customers have access whenever they want, but there’s one group of customers that you’ve locked out. The only way that these customers can gain access is to make a special arrangement with you in advance. How do you think they feel? Different than the rest? Unfairly disadvantaged? Ready to take their business elsewhere perhaps?