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Data Security in an Inkjet Production Environment

I’ve been looking at two interesting studies about inkjet production printing in the past week – a study by SGIA called “Production Inkjet Printing: Consideration, Deployment and End Results” and a white paper that CrawfordTech sponsored with Inkjet Insight called “Building End-to-End Data Security into Inkjet Print Operations”.

The Art of Fine Grained Records Management when using Archival Information Packages

Look at any modern archive or enterprise content management system and it will include the concept of an Archival Information Package. In legacy archives the concept of an AIP was usually synonymous with a batch – for example an application might generate a file contain several thousand data records (customer statements) and this package of digital documents would be loaded into the archive in one go. In modern ECM systems AIPs are often smaller units, for example a case file related to specific customer activity that has now concluded.

Production Workflow – the Integration Puzzle

There is widespread agreement that automating your production workflow has numerous benefits. Automation reduces errors and lets you do more with fewer resources. It supports increased throughput, allows you to make better use of your equipment, and gives you the tools and foundation to take on more work.  All of this impacts your bottom line and can lead to increased profits, so automating your workflow appears to be a no-brainer.

From Regulatory Compliance to Positive Customer Experience

We’ve been hearing a lot in the last few years about the need to comply with document accessibility regulations. Whether you’re an expert on the subject or just learning the basics, you know that if you provide customer communications you have to make them available in a variety of formats. But does compliance automatically guarantee a positive customer experience?

ECM – We Need Another Acronym, Part 2

At least I think we still need one to describe/represent a subset of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space.  In our last post we learned that Gartner has retired ECM (or declared it dead) and suggests replacing it with Enterprise Content Services. Although I don’t disagree with the designation and all it might entail, I’m not sure that “ECS” is much of a step forward from “ECM”.