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From CSUN Assistive Technologies Conference to Auto Tagger for Accessibility

The 38th edition of the California State University at Northridge (CSUN) Assistive Technologies Conference is now in the books.  This event has been held for 33 years in San Diego and it is with a bit of melancholy that they will be leaving and moving to Anaheim, CA in 2019.  Hello, Mickey!

Productivity and Profit

It’s no surprise that all companies strive to maximize productivity.  In fact, productivity is looked as an objective measurement of a company’s success. Wikepedia tells us “A productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input. Productivity is a crucial factor in production performance of firms and nations.”

IBM’s Content Manager OnDemand and Accessible Documents – a great marriage


Many people consider IBM’s Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) to be the premier transaction and customer facing document repository in the industry. It is also perhaps the best platform from which to serve up said documents to internal and external audiences.  Rather than recreate the wheel with redundant processes and repositories to address an emerging business requirement, why not extend this versatile platform to include the rapidly growing demand for digitally accessible documents? These “new” documents are designed to serve the blind and partially sighted constituencies addressed by the ADA, Section 508 and many other US and international guidelines and regulations

The Document Accessibility Journey

With the Section 508 refresh now in effect, most organizations understand that they need to deliver documents in accessible format to their blind, partially sighted and cognitively disabled customers. However, the process of developing and implementing an effective document accessibility strategy can still be daunting.