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Technology in the Real World: Unum and Crawford Technologies Awarded 2018 Xplor International Application of the Year

Technological innovation for its own sake has a certain “cool” factor for software developers, industry analysts, and journalists, all of whom are looking forward to the next big trend to code, present, discuss, analyze, and expound upon.  However, innovation is relevant only when it can be applied to solving real-world business issues that have a meaningful impact for organizations implementing those innovative solutions.

Xplor’s Technology of Year Award – Auto Tagger for Accessibility

For the third time in five years, Crawford Technologies has won Xplor International’s Technology of the Year Award for our Auto Tagger for Accessibility product. We are honored to achieve this elite status, and I personally want to thank Xplor International for this award.

BANA: The Keepers of the Code

Whether you’re an expert in document accessibility or you’re just getting started, you probably know that braille is a writing system for people who are blind. But how do you know if the braille you’re providing meets industry standards? If a third party service bureau is transcribing your customer communications, how can you tell if they are following the relevant rules and guidelines? Who decides what constitutes “good” braille and who is responsible for updating guidelines or creating new ones? — Delivering on the Promise of Document Accessibility for Everyone

Every so often, businesses introduce innovative products and solutions that are released at precisely the right moment in time to help resolve long-standing issues for certain consumers and to help the companies and institutions that are obligated to serve those consumers fulfill what has been wanting.

The Work Behind the Workflow

A common theme underscores the major trends happening in customer communications. It’s workflow.

Process automation and workflow are critical for success in omni-channel communications and full color inkjet document production. Workflow also plays a sizeable role in regulatory compliance and outsourcing strategies. And mergers and acquisitions are making multi-site management a priority, which also demands reliable workflows.