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Raising Awareness with GAAD

This Thursday, May 17 is the 7th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day, or GAAD. This event was started to raise awareness about accessibility, and the importance of making websites, mobile devices, documents and other technologies accessible to people with varying types of disabilities. It started in 2012, and is held every year on the third Thursday of May with in-person and virtual activities at more than 40 global locations.

What are ePresentment Services?

ePresentment services are essential components of the processes that allow consumers to access documents via web portals and mobile devices. At the most basic level they are also used in large organizations to distribute internal documents and reports. However, it’s behind the scenes that ePresentment services get really interesting.  In this first post of a multi-part series, we’ll take a look at the key functions of ePresentment services – bursting, transformation and viewing.

Document Accessibility Now

We’re well known as an industry leader in providing services and solutions that automate the creation of accessible documents in any format. Here at Crawford Technologies we believe in “inclusion by design” – that all customer communications should be made available, and that providing these documents should be considered a normal part of doing business. Not only does this approach ensure equal treatment for all, but it supports the integration of document accessibility into standard business processes for storing, managing and outputting your internal and external communications.