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What is an NPS® Score and Why Should you Care?

In the past few years CrawfordTech has frequently referenced our Net Promoter Scores. In 2017, we proudly announced that we had received a +63, and in February of this year, we issued a press release that our latest NPS score is +68.  But what does this mean? And why would anyone care? Is a +63 or +68 really that great? After all, when we were all in school a score like that would have meant getting an F, or at best a D.

What You Need To Know About Tagging Complex Files

You’ve just received a batch of PDF files to be tagged for accessibility. Your client tells you that the documents are complex, and you correctly interpret this to mean that there are a lot of tables and graphics. This is not unusual for transactional material such as bills and statements, but your client wants to know what’s involved in tagging and testing this kind of content. Can complex tables and images be made accessible? Can we customize the experience for the end user? What do we do when an accessibility checker finds errors in the file?