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What On Earth is Software Architecture? And Why MasterONE is a Game Changer for Accessible Document Production

It’s undeniable that MasterONE, Crawford Technologies’ accessibility architecture, is a game changer. For document producers MasterONE enables them to take any incoming print stream, whether AFP, PDF, PCL, Metacode, PostScript or Line data, create a single accessibility design template, and drive output to multiple accessible formats, such as Accessible PDF, Accessible HTML, Braille, Large Print and Audio.

The Importance of Workflow Visibility

When service providers look at their workflows, or consider implementing a modified or completely new workflow, many factors come into play. Automation is of course the ultimate goal. Increasing throughput, decreasing the number of labor-intensive human “touches”, and making it easier to handle exceptions are just a few of the many benefits that come from automation.