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The Work Behind the Workflow

A common theme underscores the major trends happening in customer communications. It’s workflow.

Process automation and workflow are critical for success in omni-channel communications and full color inkjet document production. Workflow also plays a sizeable role in regulatory compliance and outsourcing strategies. And mergers and acquisitions are making multi-site management a priority, which also demands reliable workflows.

A11yTO 2018 – Focus on Inclusivity

On October 15th and 16th the 2nd annual A11yTO conference took place at Telus Digital in downtown Toronto. The event brought together developers, end users and other accessibility professionals from Canada and around the world. Presenters discussed disability legislation and looked at practical ways to build accessibility into the web sites, electronic documents and mobile devices that most of us use every day. A myth that is all too prevalent is that accessibility is only necessary for things we consider to be essential. The A11yTO team dispels this myth by including sessions on accessible gaming and captioning for movies and TV shows.

Inaugural European M-Enabling Forum takes place in Germany

Last Thursday, 27 September 2018, saw the first European M-Enabling Forum take place in Düsseldorf, Germany. M-enabling has of course been an annual event in Washington for some years now, but a forum in Europe is a welcome addition to the programme, providing the opportunity for European companies and organisations to keep pace with global developments in accessibility and more specifically with trends specific to Europe. It also provides a localised opportunity for networking with colleagues working in associated and complimentary fields.