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It’s not too late to take advantage of the USPS 2019 Postage Promotions

Even though the first half of 2019 is almost behind us, it is still not too late to take advantage of the USPS Postage promotions and offset the new postage rate increases.    While some promotions are ending, you should still plan to take advantage of the remaining promotions that run through the holiday season such as Mobile Shopping, Personalized Color Transpromo and the new Informed Delivery promotion.

The Importance of Workflow Visibility

When service providers look at their workflows, or consider implementing a modified or completely new workflow, many factors come into play. Automation is of course the ultimate goal. Increasing throughput, decreasing the number of labor-intensive human “touches”, and making it easier to handle exceptions are just a few of the many benefits that come from automation.

The Business Case for Accessibility

In the UK alone the ‘purple pound’ is worth around £249 billion. Globally, the combined spending power of disabled people is reported to be, a staggering, $6 trillion. As these figures only take into account people who live with a permanent disability, and not anyone who may be experiencing a temporary or situational impairment, it is undoubtedly a conservative estimate. Add to this the projected growth figures due to an ageing population and you have to wonder why companies are not focusing more of their time and effort on attracting and servicing the needs of this valuable market.

A Next Generation Platform for Customer Communication Archiving and e-Presentment (Part3) – Migrating to a next generation platform from legacy customer communications archives

In our last post we looked at some of the critical concerns for migrating legacy customer communication archives to next generation ECM platforms. But aside from technological solutions, you also need practical ones and best practices to successfully migrate a customer communications archive.

Go Mobile!

Businesses that create an exceptional customer experience (CX) can gain an advantage over their competitors.   They recognize that communications are critical to establishing and maintaining customer relationships and that personalizing the delivery of customer communications is essential to the success of their CX strategy.   Consumers expect a seamless, consistent experience across the various channels and devices used to interact with a marketing or transactional communication.   In the mobile-first world in which we work and live, businesses need to ensure that all customer communications are constructed and delivered in a mobile-ready format, that responds to the device being used.