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Document Remediation Made Easy

Chances are you are already dealing with document remediation, or making documents accessible, if you are creating documents that will be shared in the digital world. If you are not dealing with remediation but do share documents digitally, then you might want to consider looking into it as rules and regulations are consistently increasing and getting stricter, making it a requirement.

What You Should Wear to the Customer Communications Virtual Summit and why you do NOT want to miss this event

What should you wear to this event?

This is a really important question given the current environment we are all living in right now.   Let me share the good news – what you wear is totally up to you!  Be as comfy as you want!  You don’t have to wear a suit and tie, a name badge and what’s even more important – there’s no need to worry about social distancing, so you don’t have to wear a mask.  That is unless you have a really cool mask that you like to wear around your home or office.

The Art of Fine-Grained Records Management when using Archival Information Packages

Look at any modern archive or enterprise content management system and it will include the concept of an Archival Information Package. In legacy archives the concept of an AIP was usually synonymous with a batch – for example an application might generate a file contain several thousand data records (customer statements) and this package of digital documents would be loaded into the archive in one go. In modern ECM systems AIPs are often smaller units, for example a case file related to specific customer activity that has now concluded.