Crawford Technologies announces the release of PRO Unique ID Manager and PRO Mail Tracker

Implement USPS IMbR and other intelligent postal barcodes with ease  Introducing Crawford Technologies’ PRO Unique ID Manager and PRO Mail Tracker – two new postal barcode generating and tracking software solutions that allow clients to obtain postal discounts and offer advanced mail-piece  tracking capabilities, without application or print production facility changes.

Toronto, Canada – February 15, 2011.

Crawford Technologies today announced the release of PRO Unique ID Manager and PRO Mail Tracker. These new, innovative software solutions allow organizations to be compliant with and take advantage of the benefits of USPS IMbR (Intelligent MailR barcode) without having to change their applications or print production facilities.

These new solutions also offer similar functionality for other worldwide postal barcoding schemes that allow for mail-piece tracking, such as the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail RED TAG solution.

Organizations with large mail volumes, print service providers and mail delivery service operators require the ability to implement the latest in tracking technology and gain the highest postal discounts from postal services.

CrawfordTech’s two new software solutions allow rapid deployment of these new barcoding systems without the need for changes to the originating application, document composition software or print production facilities. As a result, everyone involved in the delivery of high volumes of mail can benefit from the current push by postal service organizations around the world to allow full tracking and tracing of their mail pieces.

PRO Unique ID Manager is based on CrawfordTech’s Enterprise IMBR technology and assigns, records and releases the unique serial numbers required by postal services for tracking mail pieces, trays and containers of mail.  PRO Unique ID Manager is a reliable multi-platform, multi-threading server application designed to handle the needs of large enterprise environments where multiple applications are creating mailings simultaneously.

PRO Mail Tracker is built on CrawfordTech’s Enterprise IMBR technology and the USPS OneCode ConfirmR service. The software tracks the organization’s mail in an ODBC-compliant database, recording and reporting on the creation, contents, routing and delivery status of each mail piece. PRO Mail Tracker can also track return mail, such as payments, to allow organizations to improve their forecasting of lock box volumes, cash flow and renewals of subscriptions and policies.

“These latest products allow companies of all sizes to benefit from the enhanced capabilities and discounts available from organizations such as the USPS and the Royal Mail,” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies.

“PRO Unique ID Manager integrates with our product family including PRO Operations Express which can be used to convert print applications from older barcode symbologies to the new 4 state codes such as IMbR and RED TAG.

PRO Mail Tracker is designed to extend the document tracking capabilities of our PRO Production Manager so that mail can be tracked from creation through the printing and inserting processes through the post office to the recipient and back in a single database controlled by the mailer.”

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