Crawford Technologies’ Award-Winning Solutions Strongly Impacting the Environment

In this new case study, German Service Provider, GIP, is using CrawfordTech’s PRO AFP to PDF/A Transforms to eliminate the need to print up to 2 billion pages annually


August 7, 2012, London, UK – In a new case study released today, German service provider, Gesellschaft für Innovative Personalwirtschaftssysteme mbH (GIP), credits Crawford Technologies’ award-winning solutions with helping their organization make great strides in becoming more environmentally friendly.

Through using CrawfordTech’s PRO AFP to PDF/A transforms, GIP has already been able to eliminate the need to print up to 750 million pages. They are now well on their way to increasing those numbers to a staggering 2 billion pages annually. In short, this print reduction would save the need to cut down more than 25,000 trees.

“Knowing that our software is impacting the environment is such a major positive way through just one of our customers is very exciting to hear,” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies.

“When one considers that there are over 700 organizations around the world using our software and also working towards becoming more environmentally friendly, I feel a great sense of accomplishment in the power of our products.”

Information about this environmental impact and more can be found in a new case study just released by GIP and Crawford Technologies. The case study explores the many areas CrawfordTech was able to help GIP, such as in helping to select the right archive standard and reducing software and maintenance costs at the 15 data centers they service.

“CrawfordTech was the only solution available that was able to achieve what GIP required from a technical perspective. They were the best choice for the job,” said Rasterpunkt’s Managing Director, Richard Mayer. Rasterpunkt was the consultant who guided and directed GIP in working with Crawford Technologies.

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