Crawford Technologies launches new Competitive Upgrade Team

Crawford Technologies launches new ‘Competitive Upgrade Team’
An unprecedented 1,400 customers will have migrated to CrawfordTech by the end of 2012

August 16, 2011, Toronto, ON – Demand for Crawford Technologies solutions is growing so fast, the company has decided to implement a ‘Competitive Upgrade Team’ to accommodate an influx of new customers. The new team has built technology and streamlined a process that allows them to quickly, efficiently and seamlessly move customers over from major competitors.

The results have been so outstanding that the ‘CrawfordTech Competitive Upgrade Team’ will have migrated 1,400 customers from competitors over to CrawfordTech products by the end 2012 fiscal year.

“Recent mergers and acquisitions in the software industry have left a large number of organizations feeling unsure about the future of their incumbent software products,” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies. “Many of these organizations feel they are being price gouged and are turning to us for a better and more cost-effective alternative. In addition, some products have been out-and-out discontinued, leaving their users without roadmaps for the future. We are able to revive these situations and give the customer a better solution for their applications.”

Crawford Technologies is an award-winning leader in print-stream transformation, document re-engineering, workflow, document accessibility and archiving software solutions. In both 2010 and 2011, Crawford Technologies has been named one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by PROFIT Magazine.

“The market is maturing and our customers and partners are realizing that our solutions are the best in the marketplace,” said Stuart Warner, Vice President of Sales and head of the new CrawfordTech Competitive Upgrade Team.  “We’ve had a tremendous response from the market because our technology is outstanding and we have perfected the ability to move customers over from our competition with ease.”

For more information and to receive your upgrade proposal, visit our ‘Competitive Upgrade Team’ contact form.