Crawford Technologies’ New Voiceye Solution Featured on Discovery Channel’s NewsWatch Program

NewsWatch segment highlights Voiceye smartphone application that allows visually-impaired customers to read printed pages


March 17,2016, Toronto, ON – Crawford Technologies announced today that its new Voiceye solution – allowing visually-impaired customers to read printed pages – has been featured on the Discovery’s Channel’s NewsWatch program. NewsWatch is a 30-minute segment airing weekly in more than 200 markets throughout the U.S. on the Discovery Channel and ION Network.

“Voiceye is possibly the biggest breakthrough in accessible documents since Braille was invented by Louis Braille in 1821,” said Ernie Crawford, CEO of Crawford Technologies. “It essentially allows people to create ‘talking paper.’ We are proud to be a part of this revolution and predict this new technology will improve the lives of people all over the world.”

Crawford Technologies’ new solution – ‘Voiceye Maker for Operations Express’ – allows high-volume document producers to make their documents into fully accessible pages. ‘Voiceye Maker for Operations Express’ can be used to make documents accessible, reducing the costs of creating documents in braille, large print, etext and audio from scratch.

“Voiceye Maker allows people to produce documents that can be read equally well by all people, regardless of their level of vision.” said Crawford. “This will help organizations move the creation of accessible documents from an exception process to being business as usual.”

More than 25 million Americans have visual or cognitive disabilities and a recent WebAIM survey showed that 82% of these people use mobile screen readers for accessibility needs.

To view the NewsWatch segment, please click here