Crawford Technologies Releases EMC-Certified Solution for InfoArchive

EMC-certified solution – ‘PRO Archiver for InfoArchive’ – makes EMC’s newly released InfoArchive product compatible with high-volume transactional documents 


January 21, 2013, Toronto, ON – Crawford Technologies is proud today to release its EMC-certified solution – ‘PRO Archiver for InfoArchive’ – in conjunction with today’s release of EMC’s InfoArchive (formerly known as Enterprise Archive Solution or EAS).

CrawfordTech’s ‘PRO Archiver for InfoArchive‘ is a high-volume, print-stream archiving solution specifically designed to extend the InfoArchive platform to include support for high-volume transactional output documents for industries such as insurance, banking, healthcare, telecommunications, media and utilities. InfoArchive is EMC’s next generation unified enterprise-wide archive that supports the archiving of data in any format from any system including structured data, unstructured content print streams, and XML.

“We are delighted to be working with EMC—a market leader in high-volume archiving solutions,” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies.

“‘PRO Archiver for InfoArchive’ simplifies archive system support for organizations by allowing them to use InfoArchive to store high volume documents, as well as, structured data.”

‘PRO Archiver for InfoArchive’ extends CrawfordTech’s family of market-leading, print-stream archiving products for EMC and supports EMC’s new archiving platform. Since it is an ‘EMC-Certified Solution’, it has been integrated to the highest standards with EMC products and complies with EMC architectural guidelines and recommendations.

“With the launch of ‘PRO Archiver for InfoArchive’, we offer comprehensive support for print-stream archiving using EMC’s content management and archiving platforms,” said Tim Nelms, Business Development Manager for Crawford Technologies.

“No other company offers comparable solutions or the depth of integration we have with both Documentum and InfoArchive.”